14 - 18 October 2019


(The Answer is YES!)

Struggling to lose weight? Are you spending several hours in the gym and not seeing satisfactory results? Or abstaining yourself from food just to lose a kg only to gain several more? Do you have any form of chronic inflammation or pain you cannot get rid off? Do you need to learn how to adjust to a healthy way of living?

If any of these methods sound familiar to you then we have a solution that will change your perception on how you value food.

Join us for a holistic 5-Day Juice Fasting Retreat where our primary goal will be to promote Weight-Loss.

The retreat consists of an individualised program as we know that everyone has specific needs.

Overall, we aim to make the whole experience quite pleasant.


How does a Juice Fast Promote Weight Loss?

The goal is to abstain from solid food while still ingesting a significant amount of nutrients from juice and liquid-based meals such as soup. Generally juicing diets are very low in carbohydrates therefore keeping unhealthy fats such as saturated fat and trans fat to a minimum.

We aim to pay full attention to your overall health and well-being. With the help of Joy Bromilow and her Faithjuice team they will be providing you with a 5-day juice cleanse by sourcing the very best local fruits and vegetables to create unique juice combinations.

Furthermore, we aim to detox your body with the help of our caring fully- qualified holistic therapist, Elaine Hackner whose years of knowledge to create a first class experience for all our guests.





The 5-Day Juice Fast Retreat will take place at the luxurious Cape Point Villa located in the coastal town of Scarborough. The Villa consists of 5-ensuite bedrooms and sleeps a total of 10 guests. You can book as an individual, as a couple in a double room, or as friends / mother-daughter / father-son etc in a twin room.

The All-Inclusive 5-Day Package includes:

  • An Introductory Talk

  • Guest Speaker: Health Professional Dr. Marion Weston

  • 2hr Interactive Talk with Dr. Weston

  • An Individual Assessment and Guidance Counselling Sessions by Qualified Guidance Counselor, Elaine Hackner

  • 5-Day Juice Cleanse (Immune Boosting Juices, Freshly Squeezed Juices and Cold Pressed Juices)

  • Vitamin Rich Detox Soups

  • Guided Meditation

  • Daily Yoga

  • 4x 30min Holistic Massages (to relax the nervous system and improve circulation) by Health Therapist Elaine Hackner

  • Luxury 5-Star Rated Accommodation

  • Daily Guided Nature Walks

  • Use of the Outdoor Pool


Treat yourself to a spa treatment offered by Little Dream Mobile Spa

The Spa will be available throughout the 5-day retreat. However, bookings are essential before the retreat commences.

If you would like to make use of the spa and pamper yourself- E-Mail Us on info@capepointvilla.co.za 

Follow the Link to View the Pricelist. 


All- Inclusive Package *Excludes Spa Treatments

R9 990, 00 Per Person- Room Sharing

R12 500, 00 Per Person- Per Room (*Limited to 2) 

To Book/ For More Info. E-Mail info@capepointvilla.co.za or Alternatively, Give Us a Call on +27(0) 82 373-0956

What does the 5-Day Juice Cleanse consist of?

The 5-Day Juice Cleanse by Faithjuice is their longest Cleanse, the 5- Day takes a significant amount of determination but the results are so worth it!. While weight loss isn’t the main aim, you may lose an average of 3 kgs over the 5 days if you stick firmly to the plan.

The 5-Day Juice Cleanse with consist of 5 cleansing breakfast juices 10 green juices (with or without a little fruit: your choice) 5 sweeter veg & fruit juices 5 smoothies containing good fats, superfoods and or fibre.

PLUS 5 apple & ginger shot and 10 free organic herbal tea bags.

When Cleansing, the absence of carbs can lead to a lower core body temperature – w

hich is why soup is a lovely nourishing addition to the menu in winter.

The Vitamin Rich Detox Soups are also really yummy – they are all vegan friendly and contain ingredients such as butternut, broccoli, turmeric, ginger, nutmeg, fresh herbs, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, apple cider vinegar, beans and lentils. Faithjuice makes use of almond milk, vegetable broth and coconut milk too.

Notes from Our Team of Therapists:


Many in the juicing community will encourage you to avoid drinking caffeine while on your cleanse.

However, if you drink coffee daily, it's best to start weaning yourself off in the days leading up or during your juice cleanse.

You can also get an extra nut milk to use as your creamer for your coffee and tea.


How to prepare for your Juice Cleanse:

Reduce intake of harmful substances into your body. Substances like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes will only add toxins into your body that the cleanse is trying to remove. ...

Stay Hydrated! Your body will be working overtime as it adjusts to your cleanse. ...

Eat Healthy! ...

Sleep! ...



Pre-Cleanse Diet:

Holding to a healthy, light diet starting 3 days before your juice cleanse will ease the hunger cravings during the cleanse itself.

Eat only organic fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and eggs and drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Post- Cleanse Diet- Ease back in.

Day 1. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, herbs, green juices, green smoothies and soaked nuts/seeds the first day.

Day 2. Add in heartier foods like protein smoothies, UR bars, salads, and soups.

Day 3. You can start eating proteins (organic pastured meat and fish) and gluten-free grains.




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